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I am the lead architect for HP Software’s data protection products engineered in Southborough MA.

I am also an instructor at the Harvard University Extension School where I have been teaching computer science courses for over 14 years. I am currently teaching Mobile and Cloud computing covering Microsoft Azure and Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

I have been developing commercial software for over 30 years. During my career I have been blessed with opportunities in a variety of domains, technologies and platforms; from BASIC and Z-80 assembler on the TRS-80,  COBOL on the Wang VS mini computer, to C/C++, 808x assembler, COM/COM+, WinRT, WPF/XAML, C++, SOAP, REST, many years of C#, and ASP.NET/MVC to name a few.  I have been spending most of my time over the past 12+ years on architecture, design and implementation of highly secure and  scaleable distributed cloud solutions.

I live in the United States, Massachusetts married to my beautiful wife. I am an avid road cyclist. I also love to water ski, snow ski, scuba dive and tinker with photography.


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